Art is an invitation


It is an invitation for stillness, for quiet contemplation—- 

to seep into our consciousness and touch our heart and mind. 

It is a portal, connecting us with parts of ourselves and with others. 

Art is a tool for discovery, teaching us about the world and its inhabitants. 

Art stands bravely and invites us to judge

It is mysteriously expressive without words or language.



Katherine Brown is an artist from Mississippi. She has been drawing, painting, and “making things” since she was a child, decorating her closet walls with markers and digging up red clay to create pottery. After requesting a pottery wheel for Christmas, her mother, foreseeing mess, gave her watercolors instead. This started a love for and interest in hues of color, texture, and light which continues today.


In college, Katherine double majored in English literature and wanted to minor in art but her college budget didn’t allow for supplies. Nevertheless, she enjoyed using art in the classroom and on her own. Now she spends time teaching English and language skills, giving art lessons, teaching and practicing yoga, and playing with her kids and dog.

Much like literature and yoga, painting and loving artwork can be an inroad to the self. As with literature, viewing art is up to the participant’s subjective experiences to take from it whatever he or she needs or wishes. Art, whether visual or written, is dependent upon each person’s repository of thought, feelings, and emotions; this is what gives art its power to move, to affect, to change. It may be used as a tool of connection between people or as a symbol of war. Art is powerful.

Katherine’s hope is that her art is meaningful to those who see it, and those who purchase it. She enjoys painting everyday objects and scenes, as well as abstracts. She accepts commissions and works with clients to render pieces unique to them. 

Katherine enjoys oils, acrylics, charcoal and gauche, but loves watercolor the most because of its transparency and unforgiving nature.


Some of her work may be seen at St. Martin’s Gallery in Jackson, Mississippi. Feel free to contact her with any artistic requests.